Eagle is proud to introduce The Natural Green Solution For Your Lawn!

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(The way Mother Nature Intended)

At Eagle, we provide a healthier, greener lawn… that is also Environmentally Sustainable.

Holganix® is a 100% plant based organic bio-nutritional product that promotes strong plant health while drastically reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers, chemical herbicides, and pesticides.  By harnessing the benefits of naturally occurring microorganisms contained within the product, Holganix allows you to achieve a healthier, greener lawn in the way Mother Nature intended.

Holganix® Is Unlike Any Turf Treatment Available Today.

Holganix® is a bio-nutritional.  This means that it works with a probiotic approach, promoting more efficient use of the soil's surrounding nutrients while utilizing organic food-grade edible ingredients.  It contributes to a more robust ecosystem in and around your soil. In short, bio-nutritionals promote healthier plants, and healthier plants make for a healthier ecosystem.

Good for you…Holganix® is a non-poisonous, food grade product.  It is safe for the water in your community and nearly eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers and man-made chemicals.

Good for your soil, roots and lawn…Holganix provides the organic bio-nutritional material your soil needs to makes your lawn healthy, lush, and green.

Good for the planet…Holganix® reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, nitrates, and phosphates by as much as 75%. 

For additional information on Holganix®, visit www.holganix.com/the-science.


The Benefits of Holganix® Include:

  • Greener, Thicker, & Healthier Lawns

  • Enriched Ecosystem

  • Dramatic improvement in root development

  • Better drought resistance, requires less water

  • 75% Reduction in Nitrates

  • 50% - 75% Reduction in Herbicides

  • Suppresses lawn diseases

  • Natural PH Adjustment

  • Fewer insects naturally


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